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Guiding Light and One Life To Live's Sonia Satra's Moticise - "Fit Mind - Fit Body" - The Mindset Reset Workout - "Moticise (motivation and exercise) is a revolutionary exercise program from life coach, actress, fitness expert Sonia Satra, integrating high intensity cardio exercise with mindset tools such as visualization, affirmation and goal setting. Moticise draws on this ground-breaking science thus links physical exercise with the creation of new neutral pathway in your brain, making it her optional time to focus and create. In the dynamic program, you set a kick-ass workout and physically rewire your brain for success. Mindset Reset takes you through Sonia's exclusive 7 steps to activate your potential and design your destiny. You'll experience everything - from an energizing Journey walk to fat burning cardio, from hard-hitting boxing to a centering mediation, all while creating the life of your dreams." All this was at Athleta on the Upper East Side of New York City,  New York in October, 2015. (Photo by Sue Coflin/Max Photos)