06-30-11 Robin Strasser with her puppies & their mom and dad

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One Life To Live Robin Strasser poses with her dogs and their puppies on June 30, 2011- Robin Strasser - One Life To Live - with her puppies and mom and dad:.Mother: Bisou - means kiss in French - she's a 6.5 lb MALTESE.Father: Rocket Man - a manly Havanese who became a father at 5 and a half months!.Their off-spring:.Lincoln - all white with curly hair, about 12 lbs. & recently moved to Mississippi.Spark Man - black and white like his dad - we call him Brad Pitt cuz he's SO beautiful - straight hair coat..Bessie Mae Mucho - a sweet Spanish send up of bessame mucho which means: kiss me A LOT...AND she does!.Cadeau - means GIFT in French...she's got that super short lamb hair cut because she's so popular with the "pack" they all wanna bite and and kiss her..So that's the FAMILY. (Photo by Sue Coflin/Max Photos)