05-27-10 Thaao Penghlis & Heather Matarazzo

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Director Roy Steinberg (on Days, GL and AMC and was on Another World) poses with Days of Our Lives and Mission Impossible star Thaao Penghlis "Tony DiMera" & General Hospital "Victor Cassadine" presents Journeys on May 24, 2010 at the Cape May Stage, Cape May, New Jersey. It is a show telling about his traveling the world from Macchu Picchu to the jungles of the Amazon, throughout the Middle East, Greece and Italy. His greatest joy is exploing Egypt and its unsolved mysteries and climbing Mr. Sinai. Became an actor to find journeys - mysteries bringing the unknown to the world - mission possible. In your journeys don't hurry, make it last forever and make it a wise experience. (Photos by Sue Coflin/Max Photos)