03-05-12 Inspiration in Motion - Ron Raines, Denise Pence, Taina Elg, Joanne Dorian, Tom Galantich

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Guiding Light's Ron Raines "Alan Spaulding" is Master of Ceremonies  charms One Life To Live's Taina Elg "Olympia Buchanan", GL "Ingrid Fischer", Loving "Mrs. Mulryad" who was honored as Ziegfeld Girl 2012 (with Ron on stage) at "Union Women at Work: Inspiration In Motion" on March 5, 2012 at Theatre at Saint Peter's Church - Home of The York Theatre, New York City, New York which was Sponsored by Actors' Equity Associations Eastern EEO Committee.  The event was an Equity event in celebration of Womens History Month.  (Photo by Sue Coflin/Max Photos)